The design of Pasha de Cartier, which is among the most cult watch collections of Cartier since its first iteration in 1985, is renewed. With its striking unisex design, strong form and distinguished details, Pasha de Cartier’s renewed design features increased refinement, a new customizable engraving, innovative additions and various adaptation possibilities for new, contemporary lifestyles.

Pasha de Cartier also brings together extraordinary figures of creativity as its ambassadors such as, Rami Malek, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams and Jackson Wang.

Pasha de Cartier, launched in 1985, takes its name from the Marrakech Pasha, a watch enthusiast and one of Louis Cartier’s closest customers.

With its distinctive codes, extraordinary design and unique elements, Pasha de Cartier is preferred by those who can go beyond the boundaries of classical watchmaking.

A square filigree rail-track is found in the circle of its dial, immediately introducing an extraordinary watch that brings contrasting shapes together. Pasha de Cartier’s new design is faithful to the original model but with its crown featuring a blue spinel or sapphire, interchangeable strap and the possibility of personalization, it stands out as a classic yet contemporary, pushing the boundaries. In the new edition of steel, yellow and pink gold, Cartier equips the hidden crown under the fluted cover with blue spinel or sapphire, presenting the watch in a more refined form. Pasha de Cartier’s new customizable engraving unveils in the form of initials, appears under the crown cover, secret and undetectable. It is only revealed when the famous chained crown of the Pasha de Cartier watch is unscrewed. The new watch also features an innovative strap catching the soul of contemporary spirit. The new strap allows interchangeable materials and colors that can be adjusted by the owner by a single push.

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