Yes, we do have a private club. It’s a watch enthusiasts’ club for the modern era.

Entropia is a two-storied space and aims to be the main thoroughfare of the city for watch enthusiasts. Located on the lower ground floor of the Entropia, there are different sections that resemble a private gentlemen’s club.

The Library section functions as a reading room for Entropia customers. All coffee table books on the shelves covering topics such as watches, art, design and travel are for sale.

The Da Vinci Room is completely decorated with Poltrona Frau furniture and offers a traditional setting to look over the books that have piqued your interest. And the Collectors’ Room, accessible to VIP members, is a special meeting room for Entropia collectors.

On this floor there will be many happenings for watch enthusiasts; connoisseurs of the high watchmaking world will be hosted throughout the year. This meeting point is a brand new, contemporary example of “boutique watchmaking.”

If you’d like to be a member and have an exclusive access to this area, lets meet!

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