Brands wants to collaborate with different artists to make their products known to a wider audience., Cartier sent Gong Li and Rami Malek a request to become a global ambassador for the promotion of their new models for made an agreement, and a new partnership was signed with both.

It was quite reasonable for the Cartier brand to choose Gong Li as a global ambassador because Li is not only referred to as an ordinary artist, but also always strives to be at the forefront of projects that will contribute to humanity beyond that.

Knowing these features of Gong Li and having gained a place in the market with its quality products, the Cartier brand has also decided that it is necessary for them to work with such an important name. Apparently, this union has been quite exciting for Gong Li as well.

It has been officially announced that Gong Li, one of the most well-known actors of the Chinese Government, has joined the Cartier. Gong Li will start her work as a global ambassador for the Cartier brand. Along with this, she will be together with famous global ambassadors of other brands at various events.

Gong stated that she is very excited to work with the Cartier brand and can’t wait to come up with designs with magical touches. As a famous jewelry and watchmaker, Cartier is a major brand and has been able to add fascinating designs to the world with its creations for 175 years.

Gong Li made her major debut in 1987 at the Red Sorghum. She later served as a jury member at many international film festivals like and became one of the most recognizable international stars in China.

Gong Li has managed to announce her name in many social responsibility projects before. In 2015, she was named by the United Nations as one of the 16 most influential women who own cultural heritage.

The fact that Gong Li is a culturally important name will also have attracted the attention of the Cartier brand, which was a very important step that they wanted to use Li’s accumulation as a brand that has maintained its place as an important value in the watch world. Arnaud Carrez, vice-president of Cartier International, stated that “Gong Li has been an important role model for all generations, inspiring all women around the world”.

It was not long before we heard that Rami Malek, who managed to attract attention with his magnificent acting in Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018, started working as a global ambassador for Cartier watches. In previous years, the actor, who became widely known with his Mr. Robot series, had a much wider fan base after his lead role in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Malek, who will appear as the villain in the new film of the James Bond series, which will start in the coming years, also drew the attention of Cartier, and stated that they wanted to see him as a global ambassador in the promotion of their watch models. Malek, who welcomed this offer, took on this task by joining the other celebrities.

You can see the Cartier Tank Americaine XL watch on his wrist when he takes home the best actor Oscar. This model is one of the oldest and most established models in the Cartier watch collection with a long case and particularly pronounced curves. The curves of this model are a classic model that wraps around the wrist and continues to be preferred by wristwatch enthusiasts for many years.

Malek was wearing the Cartier Tank MC model at the Golden Globe Awards, to which he was later invited. The most obvious feature of this model is that it is a more masculine and sportier model. It is a thicker and more ostentatious watch compared to other models in the series, and the sense of depth in the dial area is stronger. The textures are more pronounced.

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