Aston Martin brand and one of the world’s leading award-winning architects, Sir David Adjaye collaborate to design a limited-edition collection of five one-of-a-kind luxury homes to rise in Adjaye’s first skyscraper project in Manhattan, New York City. Five Aston Martin Residences that will be located on the 59th and 60th floors of the skyscraper will be accompanied by a Special Edition Aston Martin DBX custom-designed by Sir Adjaye. The design and interiors of the homes will reflect Aston Martin’s experience in luxury automotive design.

Aston Martin homes, which are located in 130 William premier residential project, are the brand’s second real estate collaboration after Aston Martin Residences in Miami and the first real estate collaboration in New York. Sir David Adjaye, designing the interiors of the building, is also responsible from the holistic vision of 130 William project which consists of iconic exterior architecture, special facilities and a new plaza park.

The five homes will only located on the 59th and 60th floor of the plaza that includes 242 residences. The entrance of the homes will be covered with a wallpaper designed by Adjaye, featuring Aston Martin’s signature crosshatch pattern in a bronze finish, as well as a smoked glass mirror created by Aston Martin Design reflecting the façade of the skyscraper. The residences are fully furnished with unique handcrafted materials and furniture from the acclaimed Aston Martin Home Collection by the Italian manufacturer Formitalia. The living and dining rooms where elements of leather and metal is frequently used, will reflect the aesthetic lines of Aston Martin automobiles in terms of form and texture. Buyers have the option of customizing the bedroom, into a racing simulator or an office and library space. One of its remarkable features of the 130 William Aston Martin homes is that, the owners of these five beautiful spaces will also be able to travel in style in a Sir David Adjaye designed Special Edition Aston Martin DBX.

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