Entropia’s periodic artwork presentation is renewed. One of  the artworks exhibited at the space is from ‘Hybrid Souls’ series of artist Ali Alışır who is continuing his work in Turkey and Italy. Alışır’s “Hybrid Souls” series draw attention to the inner tension experienced by today’s human beings, who strive to remain balanced despite the chaos of modern life and corrosiveness of the rapid consumption of time. And in this context, it establishes a deep connection with present.


Ali Alışır was born in Istanbul and completed his education at Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts with a master’s degree on photography in Florence Accademia Italiana. Alışır takes notion of “the virtual”, which he has focused on from 2009 onwards, constitutes the core of his works. Nourished by different disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, literature and cinema, he has questioned the ideas of “reality” and “virtuality” through works he creates by means of digital interventions into photographs. Alışır is producing in series. Following his series titled “Virtual Landscapes”  and “Cosmos”,  the bodies at the center of “Hybrid Souls” invite you to a very meaningful and deep reading about the relationship of time-space-motion-modern life-human inner world through today’s realities.

The artworks that are periodically presented at Entropia have been renewed through Bozlu Art Project as of October 2020. 

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