The newest addition of the ongoing ClockClock project realized by Stockholm-based ‘Humans since 1982’ is a kinetic sculpture, beyond being a functioning wall clock. Distinguishable from its predecessors with its circular shape, the new model performs a series of abstract and synchronized choreography that constantly changes between minutes. As with previous models, during regular intervals, the clock hands align to tell the time as an analogue clock. 

* Entropia is the dealer of ClockClock project in Turkey.

The ClockClock project explores how the passing of time can be shaped and transformed into a kinetic concept. The project is the representation of provocative and experimental sculptural forms created by Bastian Bischoff and Per Emanuelsson, founders of Stockholm-based ‘Humans since 1982’ who are working through diverse practices including art, design and technology together. The pieces of this unique project of the duo are the combination of technical precision and expert craftsmanship.

The design of new addition, ClockClock 9 has a circular form and reduced clock hands, unlike the previous model ClockClock 24. The synchronized movement patterns of the clock hands together with the choreographic features aim to spark surprise and calmness. ClockClock 9 illustrates a constant interplay of chaos and order, a balancing act of movement and stillness. 

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